Fake followers

By Naja Bartholdy

Do you think about how your profile appears, both to current followers, future followers and possible collaborators? What is most important to you – that your followers care about your content or is it the amount of these? Is buying followers the easy way to success on social media? One cannot ignore that focus has shifted from quantity to quality, and as an agency or a business that works with influencer marketing, there are a number of analytical tools out there that can help detect the part that concerns bought followers and likes.

As mentioned above, it is visible to us how your data and results have evolved over time and thereby also, whether there is an organic or bought deviation. This is the case whether you are buoying followers or likes, as we can keep track of both your “follower audience” and “engaged audience” – so think about which signal you would like to send.

As mentioned, we have become more aware of these purchases, wherefore we advise companies to enter into collaborations with profiles with 5.000 organic followers rather than profiles with 7.000 followers, whereof 3.000 of these have been bought. A profile with organic followers furthermore obtains a much larger reach, as Instagram works in a way where your profile can be promoted through your followers’ engagement. Therefore, you should indeed regard followers that have been bought as a negative factor long term, as this will be discovered.

Our advice to you – work to accomplish a strong community and engagement between you and your followers rather than care about the number of followers at the top of your profile.