It's not "just" a picture

By Jonas Glarborg

It’s not a secret that I to begin with had this idea that being an influencer was “just” to take a picture and post it on social media. As an intern at Inmix my time is mostly spent by looking through all types of Instagram profiles, and this has truly opened my eyes to the fact, that a photo is simply not just a photo. 

Being an influencer is hard work – especially if you want to become one of the best. You can’t just post a photo now and then; it all takes a lot of planning. Additionally, it is very important that your profile has an aesthetic thread of consistency. What I mean is that your profile needs to have a visual identity and that it all needs to be coherent, e.g. it doesn’t look good if your feed is kept in pastel colors and all of the sudden you post a picture in black and white. It is essential that you have an idea of which theme you want on your profile as well as which focus your profile should have; is it fashion, food, games, etc.

Even though it all might sound very straightforward, things aren’t always as it seems. Personally, my profile doesn’t have a thread of consistency at all. The reason behind this, is that I have never given the entity of my profile any thoughts in the past – I have just posted the photos that I found interesting to share. If you want your profile to be taken to the next level – increasing engagement and amount of followers – then you need to not only post content that your friends and family find interesting, but you have to think about which photos you share and the quality of these as well. This means that if I want to go somewhere with my profile, I need to think about the theme as well as the color-combination.

My time at Inmix has made me much more aware of what I am posting and whether there is a thread of consistency on my profile. It is very clear to see whether a profile is though through and which aren’t – as my own. If I would be completely honest to myself – and you – then I must admit that I probably will never post symmetrical pictures with a clear thread of consistency. I will still post pictures that doesn’t really fit, but I will for sure think about the quality of the photos I share. I don’t want people to think that I am spending a lot of time on my profile or care to much about it, cause that’s just not who I am. However, I truly believe that a coordinated profile provides you with a much better perception, which for sure is something I will think about moving forward. But if you want to become a great influencer, it is very important to take these elements into consideration when it comes to your profile and the content you share.