Influence is created by the Right Representatives

In order to generate value through micro influencer marketing and achieve a high ROI, it is eminent to choose the right influencers to engage with your brand.

With a reference point in your company’s specific objectives, we organize a campaign using our experience and expertise within the field. We dedicate ourselves to creating the best result, by facilitating the collaboration between your company and the influencers who is best suited to your company. Through our hard work we ensure that you achieve great results, if you invest in micro influencer marketing campaigns at Inmix Agency.

How can I use Micro Influencer Marketing?

Micro influencer marketing is useful in an array of ways – only limited by the imagination. Below we have listed some of our own suggestions:

  • Create more awareness about a current campaign
  • Increase interest in your company and gain more site traffic
  • Get attention prior to and during events
  • Engender hype and excitement during a product launch
  • Spark interest and awareness about services

Are you already Working with Influencers?

We offer to help you assure the quality of the influencers you have a pre-established collaboration with.

With our in-depth and analytic insight, we are able to assess whether the results your current influencers achieve are ideal for you.

We are here to advice you every step of the way. Furthermore, we offer to facilitate any future collaborations to save you time and ensure that you are able to put your focus and energy into other aspects of the company.

Your Company has the Right to use all the Content

You have the right to use the content, the micro influencers share on their social media platforms, in regard to your campaign. This means, you are able to use the content during other marketing initiatives and thus create further value for your company.

Ready to Get Started?

Step 1
Contact us, and we’ll be able to arrange a meeting to fit your schedule. We are here to answer questions and discuss your target group, to help us create a campaign presentation based on your requests.
Step 2

Within a few days, we present you with the tailored campaign presentation, which also includes concrete examples of micro influencers, whom we believe matches your target group. 

Step 3

Only when the campaign presentation is approved, can the campaign be carried out. If you have any corrections or additions, we always incorporate these, and the campaign will not be implemented before you are completely satisfied.

Step 4
Await the campaign results. We do ongoing analysis of the campaign to ensure that the results are complying with your objectives
Step 5
Once the campaign is finished, we provide you with a thorough finishing campaign report to give you the complete overview of the campaigns results.
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