Odder is owned by BabySam, which is Denmark’s biggest chain of small children equipment. Odder is behind the well-known Oddervognen, which is made by top quality manufacturers focusing on safety, quality, comfort and design.


The campaigns purpose was to create content that Odder could use on their own profile and increase their follower number. The campaign focused on 4 different Odder wagons: Lulla and Una stroller, Una Duo combination stroller and the new Vida stroller. The main purpose was to portray the wagons in the best possible way through visual content, as well as create a relationship between Odder, the influencers and their followers.


The campaign was a long-term collaboration, which was divided into 2 rounds. In addition, both rounds were divided into 3 different periods, where the influencers should share a minimum of 1 post and 2 stories in each period. The first round lasted for 6 months and focused on Una, Lulla and Una Duo. The second round lasted for 3 months and focused on Vida. Although the two rounds differed in length, they were completed simultaneously. There was creative freedom in relation to the content, but it was required that the wagons should be use actively in the content to create a credible and authentic message. The influencers were selected based on their match with Odder’s audience. In addition, the influencers children should have the right age, as the campaign was about depicting how the family’s way of using the wagons changes as the child develops.


10 influencers participated in the campaign, with 6 on the first round and 4 on the second. During the campaign, the influencers shared a total of 39 posts and 113 stories. As a result, Odder gained access to a total of 152 pieces of authentic content they could use in other marketing activities.



Denmark (73.77%)


Copenhagen (21.32%)
Aarhus (15.43%)


25 - 45 years

Gender distribution

Female (83%)
Male (17%)

Final results



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