What can Inmix offer

We believe that a successful influencer campaign can only be established in collaboration with our customers. We listen to your needs, desires and audience. Then we tailor a detailed campaign plan specifically for them. We don't wish to sell a template or model. We want to create a unique solution that embraces their specific needs. This is because we know that every customer is different and so is their needs.

Over time, we have created a large internal database of both Danish and international influencers. It makes it safe for you to partner with us, since our database contains the best and most reliable influencers. During the campaign execution, we are in charge of the communication and monitoring, but it is always you who have the final say. You can always reject the candidates that we present to you and you approve every step of the campaign. We keep you updated, and you are always welcome to make changes. We want to make sure that you feel safe during the collaboration, because our job is to solve your challenges and fulfill your wishes.

Campaign for @swapfietsdk

Would you like to know what results an influencer campaign could generate for your company? Try our free Result Calculator at the buttom of the site, and we will send you an overview of the results you can expect in your influencer campaign.

How we find the best representatives

We find the best representatives for your business using our data-driven analysis systems. This makes is possible to analyze the respective influencers and their followers. We measure based on various factors, and we always have your needs and desires in mind.

Gender distribution

We measure the gender distribution for the influencer’s followers. Thus, we can identify profiles where the majority of the followers have the desired gender match.


In order to target the right audience, we look at the age groups the influencer appeals to. 


We look at where the influencer’s followers are located. Thus, we can find influencers who have followers in the area you want to focus on. 


We look at the interests of the followers. This way we can select influencers whose followers show interest in the type of product or service that you want to promote.

Full service influencer marketing​


By combining knowledge and experience with some of the fields most advanced analysis software, we can identify the micro influencer that match your audience.


We facilitate the collaboration with the influencer and makes sure that the campaign runs as promised. We wish to create a strong collaboration that benefits both our customers and influencers.


We have an eye for our customers’ needs. In order to ensure the quality of the campaign, we carry out continuous analyzes so we can guarantee that the campaign results fulfill your goals.


When the campaign is completed, we provide a complete report that summarizes the content the influencers have created in connection with the campaign. Here you will get a concrete overview of the campaign’s results.

Campaign for @shiseido

You can use the content

You have the right to use the content that the influencers create during the campaign. By establishing the campaign in collaboration with Inmix, you will receive strong visual content that will create additional value for your company. We include all the content that the influencers produce, and the rights to use it, in the price of the overall campaign.

Influencer Result Calculator

We know that our customers have different needs and for that reason we always tailor the campaign so it matches your individual wishes and needs. If you'd like to get an idea of the results of your campaign, then try out our result calculator below. It won't take more than 2-3 minutes. 

Here, you can let us know which wishes you have for a potential campaign. We will ask you to note which platform you'd like the campaign to be active on, how many influencers you'd like to participate and which budget you'd like to spend on the campaign. Afterwards we will send you an overview of the results that you can expect from your potential influencer campaign.