The general conditions for sale and delivery (hereby referred to as “these terms”) are applicable to any sale carried out by Inmix ApS VAT-number (CVR) 39256673 (hereby referred to as "Inmix", "us" or "we"). These terms are always applicable, whether the agreement has been made online, via telephone, via e-mail or in any other way. Any deviation from these terms are invalid unless a written agreement has been approved and signed by Inmix.


Offers and Orders Any offer given by Inmix is formed based on the information provided by the buyer. Thus, the buyer is obligated to ensure that we receive all the relevant information we need to complete the order.

The buyer can only cancel or change an established order if Inmix accept this in writing.


The date of maturity is 14 days after the date of invoice. Any delay regarding payment entails that the buyer is obligated to pay Inmix 1,5% in default interest per month. Furthermore, the buyer is charged with a late fee of 100 DKK for each notice they receive. The buyer is not allowed to preserve or settle any payment owed to Inmix, as security in a potential counterclaim regarding other deliveries. This is considered as a serious contract violation.


Any guarantees made by Inmix regarding the agreement, are binding after it has been approved and signed.


Inmix is responsible for any contract violations made by the Influencers.


Inmix utilize a third-party software supplier and data providers such as Facebook, Instagram and Google. We do not hold any control over these, and do not accept any responsibility for indirect, economical or other collateral damage the buyer might experience. This also encompass any loss of revenue, lost profit, loss of goodwill or reputational damage or any loss of data or taxes. Inmix also relinquish all responsibility for any loss of data, software or costs connected to the process of restoring any of the above. Furthermore, Inmix is in no way responsible for the availability of data sources or software from any third-party. We claim the right to cancel orders with a refund of any prepaid amount, at any time, in case a third-party supplier avert delivery. Our limitation of liability does not affect our obligations or responsibility regarding the law. Any delay does not condone the buyer the right to prosecute, unless stated in a written agreement.


Inmix is not responsible for any failure to comply if the situation is beyond our control, this includes force majeure. We reserve the right to annul or delay the order until the situation is returned to normal. In case the order has been delayed more than 3 months, due to force majeure, the buyer can invoke the right to cancel the order without compensation. Force majeure occurs once Inmix, or any related subcontractors, are prevented from complying with their obligations as a result of war, civil war, insurrection, legal restrictions, import or export prohibition, natural disasters, including but not limited to, earthquake, floods, hurricanes, tornados and volcanic eruption. Furthermore, force majeure occurs as a result of any kind of labor dispute, strike, fire or similar unavoidable circumstances, to which Inmix had no knowledge of at the time of agreement and whose consequences are unpreventable.


Inmix and the buyer are responsible for compliance with the Data Protection Act, including safety regulations. Inmix cannot be held responsible for any breach, provided we fulfil all the buyer’s specifications.


Inmix and the buyer are responsible for compliance with the Marketing Practices Act and Inmix cannot be held responsible, provided we fulfil all the buyer’s specifications.


The buyer is responsible for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, including safety regulations.


Any materials, knowhow, procedures or products produced in collaboration, or by Inmix, subcontractors or the buyer, is available for the buyer and Inmix to utilize free of charge. The Copyright belongs to Inmix, and the buyer is only allowed access to these, once the full price and possible interest rates are paid.


Inmix claim the right to allow and discard parts of or all work, provided by our subcontractors.


Any distortion regarding the interpretation of the agreement, or the compliance or enforcement of these terms will be proceeded in the City Court of Copenhagen in accordance with the Danish legislation.