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Micro influencer marketing

Micro influencers are influential people with between 500 to 20.000 followers on social media. The strengths of micro influencers lie within their creative, engaging and trustworthy content which they share with their followers at an eye level.

At Inmix we identify the most trustworthy and notable micro influencers with the most followers within your company’s specific target group. By creating authentic and engaging campaigns with these carefully chosen influencers, we can guarantee up towards 11 times higher return-on-investment, compared to traditional digital marketing.

Do you also tend to trust a personal reference more than mainstream marketing?

The effect of traditional marketing is declining and in order to reach today’s conscious consumer, a personal relation must be established. 92 % of consumers trust recommendations from micro influencers, more than any other type of digital marketing.

This is the reason we are specialized in micro influencers. They separate themselves from other types of influencers by having specific and active followers, who engage with the content they share on their social media platforms.

Full service influencer marketing


We combine our knowledge and experience with the most advanced influencer analysis software available in the industry. Our team can identify the influencers with the closest relation to your specific target group.


We facilitate the collaboration with the influencers and make sure everything is executed according to our agreements. Our goal is to create a strong partnership which benefit both the company and the influencer.


Our focus is centered on our customers KPI’s. We are always analyzing the results of our influencers to guarantee the best results and live up to the expectations of our customers.


We provide a thorough campaign report once the influencer marketing campaign is finished. In the report we gather the results of our influencers and give our customers a completed overview of the campaigns results.

How we do

Our advanced software makes it possible to analyze influencers and their followers on all social media platforms and across all demographic parameters. By creating engaging campaigns with these representatives, we can generate awareness, site traffic, sales and value to your company.

Both prior to, during and after the campaign, we analyze your influencers and their followers. Meanwhile, we are also monitoring the development with your company’s digital presence on social media, following the campaign.

Click on the different terms to learn more about the parameters of our analysis

  • Number of followers

    We analyze the influencer’s number of relevant followers, in regard to each individual campaign. This entails that when we choose the influencers, it is based on who has the highest number of relevant followers

  • Engagement Rate

    The engagement rate is a matrix, that portrays how engaged the followers are in the influencer’s content. This enable us to extrapolate how many percentages of the influencer’s followers interacts, through likes, comments, reposts etc

  • Engagement Level

    The engagement level compares the influencer’s general amount of interactions, with the average of all users on the regarding platform

  • True Reach

    Using algorithms and machine learning, we are able to estimate, how many different people see the influencer’s content. This way we are able to identify and avoid profiles with fake followers.


  • Gender distribution

    We measure the gender distribution of all the influencer’s followers, to identify which influencers has a high amount of followers where the gender majority is consistent with your target group.

  • Age distribution

    We categorize the followers according to age, to ensure collaboration with those influencers who have followers within the age range that is consistent with your target group.

  • Location

    When analyzing the influencers, our software allows us to, very precisely, deduct the followers location. This way, we can engage with the influencers whose followers are located in the area you wish to reach out to

  • Interests

    We analyze the followers’ interests. This enables us to choose the influencer  whose followers have an interest in the product or service you wish to promote.

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