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We have a strong network of more than 4,000 Danish and international influencers, which we always want to expand. We are always on the hunt for influencers who can create engaging and inspiring content on social media. But what does it take to become an influencer at Inmix?

You have 1,000–20,000 followers on social media. However, you are more than welcome to sign up if you have more.

You have a strong visual profile and do not compromise with your content. We value credibility and authenticity.

You don’t dare buying followers and you know how engaging and visual content is created.

You are never obligated to participate in campaigns. We expect that you only say yes to campaigns that you are passionate about.

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Why become an influencer at Inmix?

We create campaign on an ongoing basis but we might not always be able to offer a campaign for you. We believe that there must be a perfect match between influencer and the company before the collaboration makes sense. If we believe there is a match, we will send you a detailed brief with detailed guidelines and information about the campaign.

You can always say no to a collaboration if you don't think it matches you and your social profile.

By signing up as an influencer at Inmix, you are never committed to anything. We will not restrict your freedom, which means that if you receive other offers, then you are more than welcome to say yes to them. We have no exclusive agreement but have some guideline for participating in campaigns. We only offer you campaigns if we think that you are a strong candidate for the campaign, but in the end it's always up to you to decide whether or not you would like to participate.

Our selection process



When we create new campaigns, the first thing we do is to look through our internal database. If you sign up in the database, we are more likely to match you with a campaign. We also do organic searches, but it is required to sign up in our database when participating in a campaign in collaboration with us.



We always match the individual profile with the companies we work with and the campaigns we create for them. We value credibility and authenticity very highly. Therefore, we will only contact you if we believe there is a unique match between you and the company.



When we have found the influencers that we think is a perfect match with the campaign, we will present them to the company. We cannot guarantee your participation before we have an approval from the company. If the company agrees that there is a match between you and them, we will send you a campaign brief where you can read more about the campaign.



You are never obligated to say yes to a campaign. Even though we think there is a match between you and the company it is up to you whether or not you'd like to participate. We believes that great campaigns is created in a collaboration between influencers and the companies and for that reason you should only say yes to a campaign if you are truly interested. You are always in your full right to say no to collaborations. 



If you wish to participate in a campaign you must confirm this to us by answering the email where you have received an offer about the campaign. Afterwards we will start the proces of onboarding you and gather the informations that we need before we can begin the collaboration. As soon as everything is in order you can start sharing your creative and authentic content with your followers.

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By signing up you have a higher chance of being matched with a company and taking part in our upcoming campaigns.
We are always seeking trustworthy and authentic influencers for our network. Fill out the form and you are one step closer to a new and strong collaboration.

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We are with you all the way

As an influencer at Inmix, you are never alone. You are more than welcome to contact us regarding insight into your data or if you have any questions.
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