We match you with the companies you love

Your dedication and hard work to create the most authentic and intriguing content is the future. Now, you have the opportunity to use the passion you have for social media, to promote products from the companies you love.

So why not become a part of Inmix Agency today? We offer you the opportunity to represent some of the coolest brands, and you even get to keep all the products you promote.

Do you want to be an Influencer at Inmix Agency?

Am I suitable to be a micro Influencer?

  • Do you have between 500 to 20.000 followers on your social media profile?
  • Do you love to create engaging and authentic content?
  • Are you a trendsetter within your social circle?

If you can answer YES to the criteria above, you are more than suitable to become a micro influencer at Inmix Agency. It is completely free of charge to become a part of our influencer agency.

Ready to get started?

We facilitate the collaboration between you and the companies and take care of all the

details, to ensure that you can stay focused on publishing engaging and creative content on your social media platforms.

Sign up

Become and influencer at Inmix Agency, get matched with your favorite companies, receive cool products and build a stronger social profile.

Get Matched

We match your social profile with interesting companies, who are looking for your help to promote their products.


Once we have matched you with a company, it is up to you whether you want to collaborate with the company and promote their products or services.

Post Content

If you choose to collaborate with the company, you will receive the product or service for free. Once you receive it, the product is yours to keep. All you have to do is promote it on your social media profile through authentic and exciting content, in accordance with the contract.

We stay with you until the end

Inmix are here to guide you through the entire process. Once you agree to collaborate with a brand, you will receive the general guidelines regarding the campaign. Furthermore, you will receive a guide to help you post sponsored content in accordance with the social media’s protocol.

We want to boost your profile

When you are signed up at Inmix Agency, you have the opportunity to get a thorough analysis report. The report provides you with a unique insight of your profile, your followers and their interests. This gives you an outstanding knowledge about yourself and your social network, and entails you to create better content and create stronger relations with your followers.

With other micro influencers you have impact

The term ‘micro influencer’ indicates that your profile won’t be the one with the highest follow count on the social media - and we believe this is beneficial. Together, with other micro influencers, you are able to create more relevant and engaging content. You have a much closer and genuine relationship with your followers and you have a clear idea of the trends within your social circle. At Inmix Agency we work with micro influencers, because we are aware of the major impact you can make as a group.

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