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Why choose micro influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is not a new concept, but has become more widely recognized over the recent years. There are different types of influencers depending on how many followers they have on social media. Micro influencers have between 1,000 and 20,000 followers based on Danish standards. 

By choosing micro influencer marketing, your campaigns target your desired audience with greater impact. The advantage of using micro influencers is that they communicate at eye level with their followers and therefore have a greater impact on them. They are authentic, trustworthy and far more cost effective, which also means that you have the opportunity to collaborate with more influencers on your campaign.

Benefits of micro influencer marketing


Mikro influencers are ordinary people. They are not celebrities that no one can relate to. This means, that their recommendations are considered more authentic and credible, which will be reflected in your company. 

Exact target audience

You are more likely to target you desired audience by using micro influencers in your campaigns, because they have a very segmented follower group which makes it possible for you to catch the attention of the specific audience you aim for.


Our analytic tool shows that influencers with less than 20,000 followers have a higher engagement rate. This means that a significantly higher percentage of people engage with the influencers content.  

Who are Inmix?

Inmix is a data-driven marketing agency that specializes in micro influencer marketing. We want to establish relations between companies and influencers on social media, and have so far done more than 150 successful campaigns for a variety of Danish and European companies.

With a network consisting of more than 4.000 signed influencers, we are amongst the best in the industry. We want to build strong collaborations with trustworthy and authentic influencers, who do not buy they followers. We want to replace traditional marketing with engaging and authentic content one campaign at a time. 

Inmix consists of a young team that share a strong interest in marketing and communication. Besides that we’re all driven by providing the best service. We are with you all the way to make sure we deliver the highest quality and most succesfuld results.

For us, each campaign is individual, and we tailor the campaigns to your needs, wishes and audience.

Campaign for @woodstein_dk

Our areas of expertise


We create awareness about your company and promote it on social media. Our influencers are the best storytellers.

Content Creation

We find influencers with a strong aesthetic sense that aligns with your visual identity. You are allowed to use all the content that influencers produce during the campaign. 

Generating more followers

We help your company acquire a higher number of followers on your social media profiles. Our influencers will encourge their audience to follow your social media profiles.

Our process


Step 1

We create the campaign in collaboration with you. Contact us and schedule a meeting that suits you. Here we answer your questions and give a presentation on a future campaign based on your wishes and needs.


Step 2

After this, we will tailor a final campaign presentation. A few days later it will be ready for your approval and corrections. Here we present, among other things, examples of micro influencers that match your company and audience.


Step 3

When you've approved the campaign presentation we'll begin to select the influencers for the campaign. We will present the candidates to you first to make sure that we only contact those that you'd like to establish a collaboration with. This is our way of ensuring that you're satisfied with the influencers that we activate in your campaign. 


Step 4

Await the campaign results while we facilitate the campaign. We will keep you updated and share the content of the influencers with you, so you can use this in other relevant contexts. In doing so, we guarantee that the campaign will live up to your goals.


Step 5

When the campaign is completed, we provide a thorough report which gives an overview of the results. Among other things, we measure reach, engagement and impressions. The report will be presented at a final evaluation meeting where we will also talk about further collaboration opportunities.