When you sign up to Inmix’s platform via our website or in any other way, you also accept that you (hereby referred to as ”the Influencer”) have entered into an agreement with Inmix ApS VAT-number 39256673, regarding influencer marketing of a brand.

By registering to the website and participating in a campaign, you consequently accept the following terms and conditions.

1.1. The Influencer is recognized as an independent contractor.

1.2. The Influencer acknowledge and accept that the nature of the relationship between themselves, Inmix and the respective brand is autonomous. Therefore, there is no fixed terms of employment between Inmix, the brand and the Influencer.

2.1. The Influencer is obligated to publish at least the agreed amount of social media posts within the collaboration period, cf. article 4.1.

2.2. Each post must focus on the specific products or services received by the brand or Inmix, in regard to article 3.1. The Influencer is furthermore obligated to publish their social media posts on the agreed platform and the post must contain the agreed hashtags, profile tag or location tag.

2.3. When a post is published on the agreed platform from the Influencer’s profile, they are obligated to inform the public that the content is sponsored by a brand. This is done, by adding the local translation of ”advertisement for” and then the brand name, in the beginning of the text. In Denmark, this could be by adding ”paid collaboration”, ”ad” or ”advertisement”.

2.4. The Influencer accepts that Inmix is allowed to contact them, regarding the possibility of promoting other brands that Inmix represents.

2.5. The Influencer is not allowed to delete any of the content created for the brand, until 60 days after the campaign has ended.

2.5.1. The pictures that are published must be separate posts and not put into albums unless something else is agreed beforehand.

2.5.2. The Influencers hashtags must be added in the caption, and not in the comments below.

2.5.3. It is the Influencer’s own responsibility to make sure they cover any taxes that might be related to the received products, in accordance with the national legislation in their home country.

3.1. The Influencer must receive the products, experience or services promised in the collaboration agreement, cf. article 4.1.

4.1. The agreement is valid from the time of sign-up and is effective during the agreed period. After the period the agreement is terminated without further notice.

4.2. The collaboration can be terminated by one of the parties without justification or responsibility, by submitting a written statement of termination. This should be received by the other party no less than 30 days before campaign start.

5.1. During the campaign, the Influencer must upload posts (pictures, videos and texts) based in the guidelines outlined in the campaign description. The guidelines are approved by both Inmix and the brand.

5.1.1. All published posts are subjected to approval from both Inmix and the brand. Inmix and the brand claim the right to dismiss an Influencer’s participation in a campaign without an official justification, if the Influencer fail to meet the demands.

5.1.2. By publishing a campaign post, the Influencer is obligated to comply with the guidelines of the campaign. This could be regarding:

- Deadlines regarding participation of events or uploads of approved posts

- Necessary amount of followers or engagements

- The focus of the posts such as products, services or events

- Hashtags are required to be in the caption, and not in the comments below

- The necessary number of followers or “Influencer Score”

5.1.3. Once an Influencer is approved for a campaign, they are obligated to publish their posts, including caption and tags, on the social media described in the campaign terms.

5.1.4. The Influencer is obligated to keep the campaign posts until 60 days after the campaign’s termination. Furthermore, the Influencer is required to keep their profile public within this period.

5.1.5. Inmix claims the right to block an Influencer’s account, temporarily or definitively, if the Influencer fail to comply with the terms and conditions of the campaign or violates Inmix’s policy regarding user-generated content.

5.1.6 If the Influencer fail to comply with the terms and conditions of the campaign, or Inmix’s guidelines or policy regarding user-generated content, the Influencer is required to return the received payment upon request from Inmix or the brand. This includes all forms of payment the Influencer might have received as part of the campaign; products, services or any other kind of liquid funds. If the payment is somewhat used, the Influencer is obligated to return the remaining amount of all payments received.

6.1. As an Influencer working with Inmix, you are obligated to comply to our guidelines regarding pictures, videos, comments, caption, texts and the general interaction:

- Solely publish your own pictures, with full consent from other people in the photo

- Solely publish pictures and videos that are suited to fit a broad audience

- Do not buy “false” likes or interactions from paid suppliers

- Follow the law. No sexual content, no promoting of child abuse, narcotics, weapons, violence or religiously repressive content

- Keep an appropriate tone of voice and respect the brand

- Respect the community of other influencers from Inmix. Everyone is different.

- Never promote negative or self-destructive behavior

- Do not spread or engage with ”fake news”

6.2. The Influencer is obligated to report all the content that fails to comply with or guidelines.

7.1. The Influencer permits that Inmix and the brand has the right to use their Instagram posts and other materials created in regard to the campaign. Inmix and the brand are free to utilize all the material created, for commercials or marketing. This is including, but not limited to, catalogues, magazines, websites, newsletters and social medias such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. This usufruct is not subjected to any geographical limitations and is applicable indefinitely.

Furthermore, the Influencer agrees that inmix and the brand has the right to use the Influencer’s name and photos for PR purposes, if the use is within reason

8.1. The Influencer is not allowed to share, publish, utilize or exploit any confidential information they might have obtained during the collaboration with Inmix and the brand. This includes the analysis report on the Influencer’s performance, which is generated during the collaboration.

8.2. Any violation of the terms described in this paragraph, is considered a serious breach of contract and the Influencer will be held responsible for any damages this breach has caused

9.1. Inmix is responsible for the protection of your data, in accordance with the legislations and General Data Protection Regulation. When you sing-up to our website, you accept that Inmix is allowed to process your data.

9.1.1. We remove all data, upon request from the owner, within 24 hours. Any request of this nature should be received via e-mail at info@inmix.dk.

9.2. Inmix process the following data:

9.2.1. The information you provided during signup to our website

9.2.2. Information regarding your behavior on our website and newsletters

9.2.3. If you answer any questionnaires or surveys from Inmix

9.3. We only disclose information with our current and potential clients, with the purpose of consent regarding the protection of the Influencer during a campaign.

9.3.1. You are entitled to know which personal information we have registered about you. You are always within your right to ask for a correction or deletion of this information, if it is wrong, insufficient or irrelevant. If you wish to know which information we have or correct any information, you can contact our customer service at info@inmix.dk.

9.4. If you wish to terminate the collaboration with Inmix, you will be blocked from our system and no longer receive any communication or information from Inmix. All your data will be deleted within 30 days after the partnership has been terminated.

9.5. You have the right to request insight regarding which information we process about you. Any request of this nature should be done by contacting our customer service at info@inmix.dk.

9.6. Through our customer service, it is also possible to obtain a copy of the obligations stated in the EU Commission’s standard contractual clauses, that the external parties have agreed to as a measure to comply to EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

If you wish to appeal against our processing of your personal data, it is possible to contact the Data Inspectorate (Datatilsynet). Datatilsynet Borgergade 28.5, 1300 København K, Phone: +45 33193200 Email: dt@datatilsynet.dk.

9.7. Inmix use cookies on our website and any other website we control. Cookies are a small file that the website or its service provider transfer to your computer’s hard disk through your web browser (if you allow it). Cookies ensure that the website or the service provider’s system is able to recognize your browser and register certain information. For instance, we use cookies to help us understand your preferences based on your previous and current activity on the site. This enable us to improve the user experience in the future.

9.7.1. We use cookies to:

Understand and save your preferences for future visits

To track affiliate actions and payment

9.7.2. You can choose to receive a warning every time a cookie is sent or turn of cookies entirely. This is done through your browser settings (e.g. Google Chrome). The modus operandi varies from browser to browser. Thus, we advise you to consult your preferred browser’s help-menu, to gain insight about the correct way to administrate cookies.

9.7.3. If you chose to block cookies, some of the functions on the website might be deactivated. This will affect your general user experience and might result in some of the services not working to their full extent. You will still be able to use our main functions.

9.8. In the case of a data breach, Inmix will alert the authorities (The Data Inspectorate) and all affected parties via e-mail, within 72 hours after the breach has occurred.

10.1. Inmix claims the right to change these terms and conditions completely and suspend any campaign with one month’s notice. If any major changes within the campaign occurs, Inmix will provide information regarding this via e-mail.

10.2. Inmix oversee the changes that has been accepted by the Influencer, if the Influencer wishes to continue the collaboration, after receiving information regarding the changes. If the Influencer fails to accept the changes, the collaboration with Inmix will be terminated.

10.3. Any abuse of Inmix’s services, will result in a permanent exclusion from any collaboration with Inmix. An example of such abuse is any kind of unacceptable behavior towards an Inmix employee.

10.4. These terms and conditions supersede all previous versions of these terms and conditions.

11.1. This agreement is regulated and interpreted in accordance with the Danish legislation.

11.2. Any disputes that concerns or arise as a result of this agreement, are subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the Copenhagen City Court as first instance.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us at info@inmix.dk.