AIDS-Fondet is a Danish organization that was founded in 1985, in response to the activism spurred by the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. Their organization works every day to promote equal health rights for all and combat the structures in the healthcare system and society that contribute to stigmatization and discrimination. 

AIDS-Fondet also offers a free service called Checkpoint, which can be found in several locations across the country. These Checkpoints provide an anonymous service for individuals aged 15-29 and for LGBT+ individuals of all ages who wish to get tested for sexually transmitted infections in a safe and inclusive environment. 

Purpose of the campaign

AIDS-Fondet sought our assistance to raise awareness about their two new Checkpoints, which opened in Odense and Aarhus in 2021. The primary objective of this campaign was to increase awareness of their free services and emphasize the importance of regular testing for sexually transmitted infections. 

For that reason, it was important for AIDS-Fondet that the participating influencers shared information about STD's in general and their offer for testing. This approach aimed to create an understanding of the importance of these Checkpoints.

Final Key Figures



Engagement rate


Unique Views



3 posts & 260 stories


We activated a total of 10 talented influencers in the campaign, who were located in Odense and Aarhus, respectively. It was, of course, important that the participating influencers were based in these cities to ensure that those exposed to the campaign's content were actually in close proximity to AIDS-Fondet's two new Checkpoints and could benefit from the offer.

To ensure that personal and informative content was created during the campaign period, each influencer was provided with informational material about STDs. This allowed them to inform their followers about the topic in a detailed and informative manner. 

In addition to this, we encouraged them to share both spoken stories and more knowledge-based stories, where they included facts and statistics about STDs.


During the campaign, the 10 participating influencers collectively created a total of 3 posts and 260 stories, which achieved a total of 196,766 unique views.

The influencers' content reached precisely the target audience that AIDS-Fondet aimed to reach. Indeed, a significant 50.22% of the individuals exposed to the content were between the ages of 15-34.

Furthermore, they generated no less than 620 unique clicks through their personalized links, which is a result that brings us great satisfaction!

Target Audience


Danmark (76,99%)


København (19,94%)
Odense (5,83%)
Aarhus (4,01%)


15 – 34 years

Gender distribution

Female (72%)
Male (19%)