Deichmann is a family-owned German company with a long history dating back to 1913. The company offers a wide range of affordable shoes and accessories for the whole family. Deichmann is Europe's largest shoe chain with a total of 4,200 stores in 31 countries. The company sells both its own brand and well-known brands.


We conducted our first campaign for Deichmann back in 2019, and since then, we have executed several campaigns for them in both Denmark and Sweden. Each campaign has had a different focus. For example, the first one was centered around the opening of a specific store, while others have highlighted their range of fashion shoes or the fact that they offer footwear for the entire family.

In our most recent campaign for Deichmann, the focus was on their selection of children's shoes, particularly for the back-to-school season. Additionally, they wanted to raise awareness about their collaboration with SOS Children's Villages in August 2022, which aimed to support children and youth in Kenya in accessing education. Deichmann pledged to donate 10 DKK (or SEK) for each pair of children's shoes sold throughout the entire month of August to contribute to this cause. This donation initiative applied to both Denmark and Sweden, so we chose to activate influencers in both countries accordingly.

Final Key Figures



Engagement rate


Unique Views 



24 posts & 55 stories


Since the campaign was centered around children's shoes, we naturally activated a group of skilled family influencers. In total, 10 capable influencers participated, with 5 from Denmark and 5 from Sweden. The campaign period was quite short, lasting only one week. We opted for this brief duration to create an intensive push for the SOS Children's Villages message, particularly around the back-to-school period. 

During that week, the participating influencers were required to share either 1 post and 1 reel or 2 posts. Additionally, they were expected to share 1 storyline. To ensure that the message about SOS Children's Villages was crystal clear, we chose to collect and approve all content in the weeks leading up to the campaign.


At the end of the campaign, the 10 influencers had created a total of 24 posts and reels and 55 stories. This resulted in a remarkable 52,092 unique views and 4,470 engagements (including likes, comments, and tap-backs).

Furthermore, Deichmann gained access to all the high-quality content that the influencers had shared, allowing them to use it in their other marketing activities afterward.

Target Audience




25 – 44 years

Gender distribution

Female (78%)
Male (9%)