Since 2016, GreenMobility has offered an attractive car-sharing service, making transportation easy, convenient, and affordable for its users. Their electric cars are available in various locations throughout Copenhagen and many other major European cities.

Purpose of the campaign

GreenMobility reached out to us as they sought assistance in creating an influencer campaign centered around the message 'Your city, your car,' aiming to raise awareness about GreenMobility and their innovative service.

It was crucial for GreenMobility that the influencers created content showing their followers how to use GreenMobility's cars to simplify their daily lives and create experiences and memories. This could involve taking a drive out of the city, visiting family, or any other exciting possibilities!

Final Key Figures



Engagement rate


Unique Views 



17 posts & 140 stories


We engaged a total of 15 talented micro-influencers in the campaign, who, over the course of one month, were tasked with sharing 1 post and 2 storylines with their Instagram followers. To ensure that the campaign's content felt as authentic as possible, we also left it up to the influencers themselves to decide how they wanted to compose their content and what activities they wanted to use the car for. Some of them chose to go on a picnic in the great outdoors, while others hopped into one of GreenMobility's cars on their way home from the airport. 

This approach resulted in the creation of a wide variety of content, each encapsulating the message 'Your city, your car' in its unique way 🚗

GreenMobility also aimed to generate more users for their service through the campaign. To achieve this, the influencers were provided with a unique code to share with their followers, granting them 30 minutes of free usage of one of GreenMobility's cars.


As we reached the end of the campaign, the 15 participating influencers had created a total of 17 unique posts and shared 140 stories with their combined following of 136,637 followers. 

GreenMobility naturally received all the posts and stories afterward, allowing them to incorporate them into their future marketing efforts.

Target Audience


Danmark (66,53%)


18 – 45 years

Gender distribution

Female (60%)
Male (29%)