LEGO House, also known as "Home of the Brick," is the ultimate LEGO experience located in the hometown of LEGO bricks, Billund. It offers fun for kids of all ages who want to express their creativity and explore the endless possibilities of play and learning with LEGO bricks!

A continued collaboration

Since the summer of 2021, we have had the privilege of a continuous collaboration with LEGO House. Since then, we have run ongoing campaigns where we have had a number of talented influencers from Denmark and Germany visit LEGO House and showcase their exciting world.

The focus of the campaigns has varied, depending on what LEGO House wanted to highlight. Some campaigns have focused on specific seasonal activities, such as Halloween, when the house was beautifully decorated in a spooky manner, or Christmas, when it was possible to build your own Christmas stars or create your own Christmas (LEGO) movie. 

In February 2022, we ran a campaign in connection with the opening of their brand new play area called "Moodmixer," which is the first new activity area since LEGO House opened in 2017. Here, you build your very own character, which is then digitalized and interacts and dances around with the unique characters of other visitors.

Final Key Figures



Engagement rate

4,85 %

Unique Views 



15 posts & 113 stories


As the new play area is all about interaction, dance, and movement, LEGO House wanted to collaborate with influencers who were creative or musical. So, we naturally found some great influencers whose Instagram profiles exuded creativity and playfulness. 

At the same time, it was important to reach as wide an audience as possible because the target audience for these campaigns is diverse. The reason for this, of course, is that LEGO House is a suitable place for both children and adults, for parents, grandparents, and good friends. And this diversity should also ideally be reflected in the target audience that the respective profiles spoke to. 


We ended up activating a total of 7 talented influencers, each of whom visited LEGO House with their loved ones in connection with the opening of "Moodmixer." By the end of the campaign, they had collectively created a total of 15 posts and 113 stories. 

To ensure that LEGO House could make the most of the campaign afterward, we ensured that they received all content in its original quality so that they could use it in their future marketing efforts. 

Target Audience


Denmark (84.85%)
Sweden (2.53%)
Norway (2.51%)


Copenhagen (14.75%)
Odense (3.59%)
Aarhus (3.45%) 
Aalborg (3.14%)


25 – 65 years


Female (82%)
Male (15%)