SHISEIDO has been working with cutting-edge technology since 1872 to develop high-quality pharmaceutical skincare and makeup products. 

SHISEIDO is renowned for its revolutionary and innovative products, sold worldwide. Since the brand's inception, they have placed a strong emphasis on creating unique products for their customers.

Purpose of the collaboration

Since 2019, we have had a recurring collaboration with SHISEIDO and have created a series of successful campaigns, each focusing on different aspects of their extensive range. Some campaigns have revolved around their exclusive selection of cosmetics, while others have highlighted their skincare lines, catering to both men and women.

In one of the recent campaigns, SHISEIDO aimed to raise awareness about their SHISEIDO Men series, as it was set to be relaunched in several stores in Denmark. They wanted to engage talented male influencers who could help generate attention around the product line, its qualities, and the importance of maintaining good skincare routines.

Final Key Figures



Engagement rate


Unique Views 



11 pictures, 60 video clips & 1 TikTok video


In the campaign, a total of 9 talented influencers were engaged, all of whom aligned with the brand and its values. To ensure the widest possible exposure, it was important for SHISEIDO that the influencers were spread across the country, enabling them to visit stores in various locations. 

Throughout the month-long campaign, the 9 influencers were each tasked with sharing 1 post and 2 storylines with their Instagram followers. When it came to their content, a strong emphasis was placed on aesthetics and storytelling, as the purpose was to generate awareness about the relaunch of the series.


During the month-long campaign, the 9 influencers collectively created a total of 11 posts, 60 stories and 1 TikTok video. 

Collectively, this ensured 130,185 unique views and an engagement rate of 4.7%, which we are very pleased with!

Target Audience




20 - 35 years

Gender distribution

Female (54%)
Male (35%)