Welcome to Inmix

By Tanja Frederikke Jensen

Whether you are an influencer, company, just interested or just happen to come by, then we would like to welcome you to our blogsite. It has been long waited and the idea arose from the need to share our experience and in-sights to the field. Influencer marketing don't need some secret recipe - but it does need some kind of recipe. Firstly, it is all about figuring our how the whole system is connected and figure out what engages you and your followers. Everybody has the opportunity to become an influencer - but it does take a huge engagement and hard work.

That is also why a marketing bureau as our that focus on micro influencers is experiencing fluidity within the field. The micro influencers that we collaborate with on a campaign have suddenly increased their following and a lot of new micro influencers has entered the business. Influencers learn from each other, study each other and help each other - just how it should be. We want to use this blog as an opportunity for our community to learn from and help each other.

We want to share out tips and tricks to how you can use influencers - with a focus on all the elements that you have to take into account. It is not just us that share our experience, because we have invited some of the best influencers to share their tips and stories on how they started as an influencer. If you want to share your thoughts and your experience as an influencers, then don't hesitate to contact os. We would love to hear from you and hear your story.

Here at Inmix, we have a passion for influencer marketing, which is why we want to share our experience and we think that this forum is beneficial to everybody. We hope you feel the same and want to follow our blog. If you read this as a company, then we hope that this blog can help you to gain greater knowledge on influencer marketing and how influencers think. It is a lot of great work and that is why we at Inmix can offer to facilitate the whole campaign for you. You are more than welcome to contact us.