Introduction to influencer marketing

By Frederik Nikolai Kruchov

This post is written so that you can easily get a useful understanding of both influencer marketing as well as some of the more important principles in the business. Influencer marketing has become a buzzword buzzwordof sorts, but what is it really about? Let’s get to it!

What is influencer marketing?

I usually say that influencer marketing is the mouth-to-mouth marketing of the digital age. Previously, a baker might give a cinnamon bun to a customer free of charge, if the customer were to tell people about the cinnamon bun in return. Today, companies provide influential people on social media with their products, if these people tell their digital following (read: followers) about these products. The use of influencers influencers is in no way a new thing – it has previously just gone by another name. Social media has gone and made it much more efficient, as a single person can reach a thousand people in a short amount of time and thereby create very efficient mouth-to-mouth mouth-to-mouth marketing.

Is everyone an influencer then?

The answer is yes – basically we are all influencers. If you recommend something to your acquaintances, digitally or not, then you are essentially an influencer. Within the industry a number of terms have appeared to describe the amount of reach – and thereby how much influencer – one single person has.

Firstly, nano influencerswhich are the kind of influencers that has the shortest amount of reach. The majority of people in Denmark can be described by this term. Nano influencers have 0 - 1,000 followers on social media and thereby a limited amount of influence, as they only reach a relatively small number of people.

Secondly, mikro influencerswho has between 1,000 – 20,000 followers, and are the type of influencers that we at Inmix are experts in. They are most often regular people who has put in an extraordinary effort to build their network. At the same time, they share content that a lot of people find interesting to follow.

Lastly, makro and mega influencersThese can be defined as national and/or international celebrities with more than 20.000 followers. These people are often known from TV, sports, politics, music, fashion, or such. Just look at Thomas Blachman, Kim Kardashian or Christiano Ronaldo

So where to start?

If you are interested in utilizing influencer marketing, then my recommendation would be that you start by defining some objectives and goals that you wish to accomplish by collaborating with influencers. After having defined your objectives and goals, you have to decide on which type of influencers that you believe would be able to help you reach these objectives and goals; these are the influencers that you should work with. Below I have created a schedule to help you get an overview of most significant pros and cons of working with each type of influencer. Just click on the terms and read more.

Nano reaches 0 - 1,000 people

Mikro reaches 1,000 - 20,000 people

Makro reaches 20,000 - 200,000 people

Mega reaches over 200,000 people

Nano has a very local reach

Mikro has a local reach

Makro has a national reach

Mega has a global reach

Nano are very often paid in free products

Mikro are often paid in free products

Makro are rarely paid in free products

Mega are never paid in free products

Nano are extremely personal

Mikro are very personal

Makro are less personal

Mega are rarely personal

Nano engages a very high amount of their followers

Mikro engages a high amount of their followers

Makro engages a small amount of their followers

Mega engages a small amount of their followers

Nano demands a lot of administration

Mikro demands some administration

Makro demands a little administration

Mega demands none administration

If you should have any questions regarding this post, the different types of influencers, or you could simply just use a little advice and guidance when it comes to influencer marketing, then please feel free to contact me. I would love to help you – and a little guidance will not cost you a dime. Good luck!